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We manufacture only the best fertilizers, biostimulants and plant protection products
to help growers get the best results in the simplest, safest and most efficient way.
Having been in the fertilizer industry for more than 15 years, at Bioris Nutrients USA
we know what we do and put our knowledge, our technology and our work at service
of the most discerning growers.




Because quantity is not the only thing that matters. In organic cultivation, you will get the best results with our organic product family





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product range

Our product range encompasses everything that is needed for a perfect grow, from
biostimulants to soil conditioners, plant protection and many more.

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A well developed radicular system is
essential for plant growth. Long and strong roots allow plants to get more nutrients to grow faster and healthier. We have the best rooting agents on the market.

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After developing strong roots, your plant will need the best nutrients to provide an abundant and high-quality yield. Discover our wide range of grow nutrients.

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blooming & PK

Heavy flowering translates to an abundant yield. After the growing stage it is time to make your plant bloom as never before. We provide you with the best-quality products for that.

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Biostimutation has proven to be the best way to grow well-nourished, high-performing and resistantplants. Have a look of our blostimulants to enhance plant attributes, including taste.

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Plant protection

Obtaining the expected yield is not always easy due to the attacks of insects and fungi. We can help you with that. Discover our wide range of organic plant protectors.

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PH and adjuvants

Plants and fertilizers always perform better with the right pH. We can make this easy for you. Have a look on our pH regulators and adjuvants.

about us

At Bioris Nutrients USA we carefully manufacture the best products to make grow
simpler, safer and more profitable. Having been in the fertilizer industry for more than 15
years, we know what we do and put our knowledge, our technology and our work at the
service of the most discerning growers.

We are proud of our values, which are shared by our whole team and have characterized us for many
years already:


Professionalism, transparency and honesty with which we have responded to the needs of our customers from day one.

Above all, we believe in the value of the word and personal attention. We do not see customers, but people, friends.


Respect for the environment is in each and every one of our activities, from production to the content of our products.

Our commitment to healthy and profitable cultivation is already having a positive impact and motivates us to continue with this philosophy.

Technological reinvestment

We have a strong commitment to continue researching and developing new solutions. We dedicate an important part of our resources and means to ensure that the company is at the forefront of the sector.


The excellence of our products and services is part of our DNA. This has enabled us to achieve great success wherever we have made business.

Customer orientation

The success of our customers is also our success. This is the philosophy with which each and every one of us works. In a nutshell: Passion for what we do.


848 Brickell Ave. Suite 950
Miami,FL. 33131 USA

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